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Submitted papers (journals)

30. On isometric embeddings into the set of strongly norm-attaining Lipschitz functions

(Submitted to Nonlinear Analysis (Q1))

(Submitted on 09-08-2022)

S.D., R. Medina, A. Quilis, and Ó. Roldán

(Submitted to Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu (Q1))

(Submitted on 27-06-2022)

S.D. and R. Medina

(Submitted to Revista Matemática Complutense (Q2))

(Submitted on 25-05-2022)

S.D., P. Hájek, and T. Russo

(Submitted to Results in Mathematics (Q2))

(Submitted on 02-06-2022)

S.D., J. Falcó, and M. Jung

(Submitted to Linear and Multilinear Algebra (Q1))

(Submitted on 10-03-2021)

S.D., S.K. Kim, H.J. Lee, and M. Mazzitelli

Under construction...

SSD for projective tensor products

S.D., M. Jung, J.T. Rodríguez, M. Mazzitelli (2022)


S.D., M. Jung, J.T. Rodríguez, M. Mazzitelli (2022)


↓↓↓Ideas for future projects↓↓↓

w- and w^*-denseness of norm-attaining

G. Choi, S.D., M. Jung

Lindenstrauss property A on X \pten Y

S.D., L.C. García-Lirola, M. Jung, A. Rueda Zoca




S.D., M. Jung, G. Martínez-Cervantes


S.D., , M. Martín, K. Pirk, A. Rueda Zoca

On the Bollobás theorem for invariant groups

S.D., J. Falcó, M. Jung, Ó. Roldán